Larsen Sotelo

Larsen Sotelo is a Fashion Photographer and Creative Director from Los Angeles, CA. He worked for successful fashion brands including Paco Rabanne, Jerey Campbell, MOUSSY to name a few.

His works were published in Vice, Juxtapoz, What Youth, P Magazine, Flaunt and Penthouse Australia among others. Larsen, a purist at heart, shoots predominately with analogue.
He rejects any formal training and structure, instead choosing to shoot from the hip and in turn, speaking the truth. His style is unique, he sets out to discover the true character of the character he shoot with, to get to really know and share and experience with them and no one else has, and then portray that moment in his photography.

When it comes to photography, a camera is just an object; its all in the hand. When he hoots, his actions are instinctual. He doesn‘t think; he just does.

„Girl on Bus“ - editorial

Marisa Papen (the model) and I went on a night shoot one night. We drove around and I looked for spaces that inspired me. I found this red bus parked at a parking lot and gave her freedom of movement. I saw the shot where her face was behind the side mirror of the bus and I thought it was great shot, so I shot it. Pretty simple as that. I shoot what I see and what inspire me that moment.

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